Friday, November 30, 2012

Dear Channel 9 Current Affairs Editor, 

We at the Unity Party WA is observing your antics in associating a reputable TV programme in Australia with the renowned white supremacist and racist Pauline Hanson to dehumanize Asians and their cultures, in short - Asian bashing. 

Is free-enterprising something to scoff at by white supremacist and racist alike? Is free-enterprise not a healthy thing to be engaged by all Australians be they Asians or  English, Spanish, Italians, Indians, Africans etc? 

Is Australia not a melting pot for all races who have given up their own country of origin to become loyal to our nation as Australians?  If they have certain racial dispositions to group together in marketing their wares so that they become specialist markets, is this not a welcome sign in developing Australian Cities more cosmopolitan?. 

Looking to hearing from you soon. 

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Date: 12-Nov-2012.
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From: Stephen ]
Sent: Sunday, November 11, 2012 5:59 PM
To: 'Unity Party WA'
Subject: RE: Channel 9 Current Affairs Broadcast
Hi, Eddie, 
Yes. I agree. But why it is so…you know. !  It is a culture that created when one was poor and uneducated and became selfish for self-protection…! This might change one day (In fact, it is already on the way..) but  it would take time when it became a culture…! 
I appreciate very much that Unity Party WA stands straight up and speaks out loudly and openly to air our views!  
Well-done and keep on! CHERRS!! 

From: Stephen]
Sent: Thursday, November 08, 2012 7:53 PM
To: 'Unity Party WA'
Subject: RE: Channel 9 Current Affairs Broadcast
Hi Eddie,
I fully support Michael’s views! 
All this while, my feeling is that most if not all the Westerners declare themselves to be a super human being in the world. That is why in those days they were the people taking over other peoples’ islands or countries to be colonies until latter, these were dropped off; but in their hearts, they still consider they are the super human beings. When they see or feel other races coming up especially Asians making good and super economic powers and they feel no way to hide their faces and they talk bad about others using whatsoever way they could. Is this the attitudes they create in their cultures and in their heart today?. I feel they should know fully well that Australia is a freedom country as you say with fine-tuned laws for its citizens and those who choose to live here.  
Hence, Channel 9 Current Affairs Broadcast
 as an responsible Australian Media, they should also be more responsible to create a good environment and do good for our country and not create racial problems to create problems. If this happens, don’t you think Australia can be so peaceful and continuing to mach forward ahead for a good future?? Today, most of the countries in the world especially Westerner are suffering from bad economic problems but our Australia is still standing straight up and feeling well. Don’t they know that this is also part of the positive contributions brought in by Asians especially Chinese …..….!!!  Does Channel 9 Current Affairs Broadcast know fully well that what type of people is Pauline Hanson to bring her in such media..? What Channel 9 Current Affairs’ intention..???? 

Dear Editor,

We refer to the report below for your information and your comments are welcome.

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UPWA is the only political party that calls a spade a spade

It's the Aussie shopping centre getting an Asian makeover.

These shop owners are being forced out to make way for an all-Asian mall. But what local suburb will they target next?
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Channel 9 Current Affairs Broadcast
Thu, 8 Nov 2012 10:00:58 +1100
Eddie Hwang-

I tried to forward my comments below to the Current Affairs program on Channel 9, but having difficulties in getting this across. Perhaps you and this Group of Huaren can forward this to the relevant media to protect Asians in Australia when Channel 9 propagates this prejudice against Asians in Australia: 
“Your broadcast about Asian Mall in the 'Current Affair' program on channel 9 yesterday (7/11/12) is really racially prejudiced, especially allowing Pauline Hanson to comment in support of this issue. Australia's economic system is supposed to be 'free enterprise' and when any suburb gradually 'taken over' by Asian businesses is not because there is any bias or misconduct by the Asians, but through the 'free enterprise' system the Asian businesses flourish because of competitiveness through hardwork. In the history of Australia there had been many other suburbs where different migrant groups helped to build up businesses in that suburb where the majority of them reside, e.g. Italians, Greeks, Middle-Eastern people, etc. Why pick on the Asians to criticize them for 'Asianizing' the suburb? 
If you study it more deeply you will find that in the Asian business suburbs, even among themselves they do not mind competing with each other, e.g. a lot of Chinese groceries shops and 'dollars shops' selling the same things with competitive prices - this means they are prepared to work harder for a smaller profit margin. That is why the Australians cannot compete where there are many Asian shops in the same areas. Why blame the Asians for 'asianizing' these suburbs and blame them for taking over tenancies in the 'shopping mall'?  
Adopting the biased analysis from Channel-9-Current-Affairs’s perspective is very un-Australian in its tradition and this type of attitude is predominately represented by people like Pauline Hanson who are prejudiced with little logic in their thinking. Can Channel 9 and the presenter in the 'Current Affairs' be more responsible for propagating such misleading information?” 

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