Friday, February 21, 2014

Chief Justice Takes On Abbott Over Cuts Dear Chief Justice French, We are concerned that the Abbott government or the Federal Executive is trying to influence the Federal Judiciary over the issue of costs cutting to maintain the latter's dividends of efficiency. It must be remembered that there is a price to be paid for the just dividends of justice expected of the Judiciary and you are doing the right job to oppose it. We therefore urge that you do stand steadfast and do not allow yourself to be thus influenced. Remember that the apex High Court's decision is always independent and final and any costs cutting would be compromising its efficiency. It would indeed be a shame for all Australians if its Judiciary is again found to be un-reliant and unreliable such that it cannot be entrusted to do its job faithfully and in accordance to the law. Let no person interferes with justice. Yours respectfully, Eddie Hwang President Unity Party WA (published) (published) (published) Ph/Fax: 61893681884 Protect environemt-save trees-use Email. UPWA is the only political party that calls a spade a spade. Chief Justice Takes On Abbott Over Cuts Posted, 2014-02-20 - The Australian THE Chief Justice of the High Court, Robert French, has taken the extraordinary step of writing to the Abbott government to reiterate the court’s constitutional independence after being advised the Coalition’s cost-cutting drive will extend to the nation’s highest legal forum. In a letter to Prime Minister Tony Abbott, and copied to Attorney-General George Brandis, Justice French has raised concerns over the court’s ability to keep servicing the nation if the government pushes ahead with plans to apply higher efficiency dividends to the High Court. Premium Content To access premium...more »

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