Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Dear Prime Minister, If payment is made it must be donated to charity rather than to the criminal or go back to jail. Yours respectfully, Eddie Hwang President Unity Party WA (published) (Published) (Published) Ph/Fax: 61893681884 Protect environemt-save trees-use Email. UPWA is the only political party that calls a spade a spade. Schapelle Corby's brother-in-law meets parole officers to strike deal over Seven interview Date February 20, 2014 Schapelle Corby's brother-in-law has met with Indonesian authorities in a bid to strike a deal and allow for a paid interview between the convicted drug smuggler and Channel Seven to go ahead. Sunday Night journalist Mike Willesee on Wednesday said that Wayan Widiartha was due to meet with Ms Corby's parole officers on Wednesday morning in a bid to end the impasse. Willesee said Seven was prepared to let the officers sit in on the interview if that is what it would take to make it happen. ''I don't know what to expect,'' Willesee said. ''We're dealing with the bureaucracy now, you can't rely on quick answers.'' Once they have that approval, Willesee said Ms Corby herself was ''good to go''. A spokesman for the Indonesian Corrections Department, Ayub Suratman, said the interview was still ''forbidden'' but if it was to take place parole officers ''will have to be there''. ''There are concerns that she will say something subjective that will discredit corrections, or Indonesia. But if it's just a regular interview, it should be OK.'' Australian Federal Police officers on Tuesday raided the corporate headquarters of Seven and its magazine publishing arm, looking for documents relating to possible payments Ms Corby or her family may have received for her story. Willesee on Wednesday described the raids as ''aggressive behaviour'' by the police. He said it could also stiffen the resolve of Seven bosses to ensure the interview does take place. ''The AFP raid was an interruption yesterday and it was a bit sad to see that happen … with decent people sitting at their desk and feeling bad about it.'' Read more:

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