Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Australia totally without leaders - former PM

Dear Mr. Johnston,


Mr. Fraser is right when he said that we have no leadership.

We are a laughing-stock when we allowed those self-centred faceless men to choose their leader to run this lucky country – Australia.

Most politicians are just as worthless as the un-elected Prime Minister Julia Gillard and Opposition Leader Tony Abbott.

Our courts urgently need some repair as well as the media is taking the easy way out.

What would happen to us if we don’t have a reliable “Banker”?


Yours sincerely,

Eddie Hwang
Unity Party WA
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Date: 26-Jan-2012.
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Australia totally without leadership, Malcolm Fraser

Matthew Johnston - Herald Sun - January 26, 2012 6:42AM 

Malcolm Fraser

Judicial Corruption in Australia

            Scales--imagesYou have to laugh at the boldness and hypocrisy with which Corrupt Public Servants are displaying on the High Courts website, a copy of a speech made by former Judge Michael Kirby entitled:
The speech makes a good reading in which Michael Kirby gave details of the Ethical conduct with which a Judge should act and which can be found in the UN Convention against Corruption to which Australia is a party to.   From the corrupt conduct of may Judges like William GUMMOW of the High Court of Australia, Peter GRAHAM and Margaret STONE of the Federal Court, is is clear that Corrupt Judges lack ethical conduct when making Judgements and Orders to protect Corrupt Public Servants, Lawyers and Judges.
The Evidence against Corrupt Judges, Public Servants and Lawyers is over well-ming and to prevent that the Evidence be made Public, Corrupt Judges like Margaret Stone of the Federal Court of Australia make allegations of Abuse of Process, that Documents are scandalous or vexatious to Protect and Cover Up the corrupt conduct of Judges, Public Servants and to conceal forgery and criminal activity Lawyers like John Patrick Meehan.
The Evidence that Corrupt Judges have no Ethics and are perverting and obstructing justice and are violating Human Rights and abusing the law in Australia for their own gains, is in the Public view and Corrupt Politicians that are protecting corrupt Judges, Public Servants and Lawyers would be Judged accordingly, that is a fact.
Editor: Pedro Alfaro

Is there really a Separation of Power?

This is a brilliant display of many things and MANY questions need to be asked by Australians!....

Did the Judge really listen to the case or was the verdict already decided and written before the case even started being presented?

The Judiciary and Polititions socially engineer us to "think" there is a separation of powers. After you read this you have to ask; Is the High Court there to adudicate as per the 'RULE OF LAW' or 'UPHOLD THE SYSTEM' no matter what?

Could it be that we have some 'BAD APPLES' on the high court bench?



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