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We are all racist deep down - former GG

The Editor,

Herald Sun

Dear Editor,

The former Government General Dr. Hollingworth is to be congratulated for calling a spade a spade – we are all racist deep down.

The “White Australia” Policy never left the scene as the current Labor Government made it “Whiter” by increasing the English Test from 4.5 to 5.0

Yours sincerely,

Eddie Hwang
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Racism is deep-seated, says ex-Governor General Peter Hollingworth

Heraldsun 27-Jan-2012.
FORMER governor-general Peter Hollingworth has branded Australia Day an excuse for a booze-up, adding we are all racist deep down.
Dr Hollingworth said positives of the day, such as citizenship and a celebration of achievements, were marred.
"This is the day when more drunkenness and violence and that sort of stuff is going on," Dr Hollingworth said.
"It tells me that somehow we haven't got our act together.
"Is this the best day to celebrate? Plainly it's not, in the heat, during the holiday festivities.
"It's not a good time for our indigenous people. They are not happy with it. To them it has all sorts of other negative connotations. I wish we could find another day."
Speaking on MTR's Steve Vizard program yesterday, Dr Hollingworth backed comments last week by prominent surgeon Charlie Teo, who said racism was very much alive in Australia.

Aussie Day celebrations


"I think the truth is, we are all racist, really, when it comes down to it," he said.
"I think all of us have to check ourselves from time to time, and say, look, that sort of attitude isn't good enough.
"It takes discipline to keep our prejudices out."
Dr Hollingworth conceded there was no real chance of the national day shifting to another date.
"We've got to make sure that we focus upon the best in ourselves, and we don't waste it as an occasion for another booze-up or another kind of mindless celebration," he said.
"We've got enough of those going on now."

Radical youth party begins propaganda

·        by:Phil Hickey - PerthNow -January 26, 2012 11:49AM 
A POLITICAL party with policies including an end to multiculturalism will swamp university and school students with pamphlets in a push to expand its support base in WA.
The Australia First party is using Australia Day to meet and discuss its push for membership in this state.

Party secretary Dr Jim Saleam told PerthNow that the youth wing of the party, known as the Eureka Youth League (EYL), are in the midst of printing a large quantity of posters, stickers and leaflets ready to be handed out to young WA people in coming weeks.

Asked whether this was part of a WA recruitment push, Dr Saleam said: "Yeah it is, it's also an attempt to give EYL profile.''

On their website the EYL call themselves a "patriotic youth organisation'' keen to develop the voice of Australian youth in the struggle to preserve their heritage and identity as Australians.
Dr Saleam says he and his colleagues are not concerned whether they are called "right wing'' or "extreme right wing.''

"Australia First Party is an Australian nationalist party,'' Dr Saleam said.

"In our system of reasoning that places us with the tradition of the original Australia labor movement, nationalist-radical movement, our political model goes beyond the current strands of left and right.''

One document to be handed out says: "Overseas student programs at every level of Australian education should be substantively phased out. Australian education institutions are for Australians.''

The same document says "multiculturalist propaganda'' will be subjected to "counter attack'' through truth and counter education efforts.

- Reduce and limit immigration
- Abolish multiculturalism
- Rebuild Australian manufacturing industries

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