Saturday, February 4, 2012

WA Regulator - Rule of Law

Mr. Christian Porter,
WA Attorney General
Dear Attorney General,
While we are waiting for the Law Reform Commission of WA’s Report as indicated by us in our email to you dated 9th June 2011, we are surprised to find that the President of the British Columbia Bar the Honourable GORDON TURRIFF Q.C. had already criticized the failings of our Australian regulators of the legal profession as early as September, 2009. There is no denying that he had made a serious study of our irregular regulatory system and found something amiss..... The flaw of our system that is adjusted to cater for the endemic cronyism and corruption in our Barnett government that has already been criticized by our beloved former WA Labour Premier Professor Geoff Gallop that has been highlighted by the Western Australian on the 18th day of November, 2011. 
That criticism is impliedly focussed on the aspect of the WA Regulator in particular, which does not preserve the independence of lawyers as in the case of Mr. Nicholas N Chin just as any member of the judiciary needs its independence to be preserved in order to be able to deliver justice to the common people. 
The learned President indicates to that Lawyer's Independence is a sine qua non to Judiciary Independence and any repression upon the BAR by the BENCH speaks of corruption of the latter at its core. The repression of the BAR can only be achieved by the BENCH failing to protect the most fundamental and sacrosanct principle of a true democracy like Australia in the RULE OF LAW.
We look forward to hearing from you in the not too distant future.
Yours respectfully,
Eddie Hwang
Unity Party WA
Phone/Fax: 61893681884
Date: 30-Nov-2011.
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