Sunday, February 19, 2012

Our money (borrowed) being sent overseas

Ms. Julia Gillard,
Unelected Prime Minister

Dear Prime Minister,

Would you like to comment if the claim is correct?

Eddie Hwang
Unity Party WA
Phone/Fax: 61893681884
Date: 19-Feb-2012.

Before you read this, just remember the $20,000,000 Penny W®ong couldn’t possibly find in the budget to pay back the troops to compensate for the Government swindle on DFRDB.(Defence Force Retirement and Death Benefit fund)
Now, $20,000,000 will miraculously appear to cover the ‘Snouts in the Trough’ pollies for their meager pay rise.   What a joke from ALL sides of the house!!!!
          Oh, and today she has  announced $11 Billion (which we will have to borrow) to prop up the  Euro !!   How stupid is this Government without a mandate  !
  HOW TRUE  ! 

  We're "broke" &  can't help our own Seniors, Troops, Orphans or Homeless  etc.

In the last month we  have provided aid to Haiti, Indonesia,Timor , Turkey, Greece  & Pakistan.
 Our Aged Pensioners  living on a 'fixed income' 
Receive no aid or get any  breaks while our
Government and religious organizations  pour 
Hundreds of Millions of $$$$$$'S and Tons  of Food to Foreign Countries! 

We have  thousands of adoptable children who are shoved aside to make  room for the adoption of foreign  orphans.

 AUSTRALIA a country  where we have homeless without shelter,  children and  adults going to bed hungry,
elderly going without  'needed' medication and 
mentally ill without  treatment - etc etc. 
They are requesting  donations for the people of Pakistan a country  currently buying fighter planes worth $1.4  billion.

TV stations, ships &  planes lining up with food,water,tents,clothes,  bedding,doctors and medical supplies. 

 Imagine if the  *GOVERNMENT*  gave 'US' 
The same support they  give to other 



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